** how much do you know about the HoO series?**

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hello fellow percy jackson heroes of olympus fans. how much of a fan are you? how long has it been since youve read them/ WELL TEST YOUR SKILLS AND MEMORY HERE. (i'll stop being cringy now)

like comment and rate or just comment if you want a part two.......enjoy the quiz and have fun (i need 150 charecters here so this is a sapce filler.)

Created by: DaughterOfJupite
  1. what did piper,leo and jason do in there first quest in the lost hero book one?
  2. now friends ...in the mark of athena after annabeth found the athena parthenos?
  3. at the start of the son of neptune what was tryna kill percy?
  4. who did nico have a crush on?
  5. who is the "ice princess"
  6. how old is nico and hazel?
  7. what did hades say to nico in the chapel of bones?
  8. ok uh well im outta questions so byeeee. comment if you want a aprt two.
  9. rate , comment or like?
  10. byeeee friends tell me if you want a part two

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Quiz topic: ** how much do I know about the HoO series?**

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