This isn't my first quiz but it's my first quiz with an account. Yay yay!!!!! =D I might continue my other series if you want me too but I'm gonna stick with this one for a while.

I hope you all like it and I would love some feedback on te first question I really wanna know how it makes you feel. Suspense ways and all that. And relief. Oops! I've said too much! =P please comment and rate!

Created by: Pink_Zebra
  1. The red oozed over the carpet, clearly staining it. "Crap!" I swiftly wiped my toe off with a papertowel and stood up. Turning the sink on in one quick movement. I grabbed a washcloth and shoved it under the tap. I pulled my hand away yelping. The water was scorching hot! I turned the boiling water off fast and snatched the washcloth back up from where it lay in tge bottom of the sink. Bending down I began to scrub the carpet clean. It was no use. The carpet was permanently stained red. I groaned and was sure the look on my face was of regret, pain, and sadness. I reached for the nailpolish remover and dumped some on the rug before I picked up scrubbing again. A lot more came out this time, and the carpet was now only slightly pinker than usual in a few spots. "Oh thank goodness!" I was genuinely happy now. :) The carpet was (almost) fine! I looked at my nails. Completely ruined, but hey, when a girl spills nailpolish she's gotta clean it up!
  2. "Charlotte Drew Anderson! Get your lazy but outta the bathroom krypton miss the bus!" I flinched. That was my mom, and yes Charlotte is my name. Sadly. I wish it wasn't, that's why everyone calls my Charlie, except for my mom who loves the name. I'm starting to think she likes my name more then she likes me. "Cut me some slack mom! I'm a girl afterall!" I retorted as I spun a few strands of hair into one of those itsy bitsy braids, and pulled te rest up into a high ponytail. "Don't you sas me you lady!" mom yelled, God I hadn't meant to make her mad. "Sorry mom! I'm just stressed about a test today!" that was a lie. We didn't have tests on Mondays, it was like a silent rule.
  3. I spit out my mouthwash and swooshed it down the sink in a hurry. My feet hit the stairs one after the other as I swung my backpack over my should and yelled a goodbye to my mom. I barged out the door just in time to see the bus pulling to a stop at the end of my driveway. That was close. Sprinting across the lawn and up the 'steep' steps of the bus I took my usual seat and sighed. This was turning out to be an okay day considering all the other bad days I've had before. At the next stop my longtime enemy got on the bus and I made myself busy adjusting my gray flowing overshirt. Maybe with any luck he wouldn't see me, but of course I always sat in the same seat. As Carson passed my seat he leaned in and flicked my forehead, hard. "Dang girl, you really need to get that forehead of yours fixed! It's looking extra big today!" Carson was referring to when I played Frankenstein in the school play when we were in 4th grade. Sadly I got stage fright and ended up puking all over dr. Frankenstein. He will never let me forget it especially since he was dr. Frankenstein.
  4. I groaned and sunk into my seat as he headed for the back giving a few of his buddies highfives on the way. God I hate his guts! He's such a jerk! And a drama geek. I used go be a drama geek until The Incident as I called it. I immediately quit acting after that happened.
  5. Blair was picked up next, and, as I just so happens, she's my besty. She plopped down next to my in a hurry andasked how I was doing "Fantastical!" I exclaimed, I was already in a better mood just talking to my best friend. I relayed the nailpolish incident to her and we had a good laugh before we got off the bus. She told me about her goldfish and how she almost ate them last night she got so hungry. We went our separate ways when the warning bell rang, her to Geometry ||| me to Geography ||.
  6. In Geography || we were doing reports on how our culture goes with us whereevrr we go and how we pass it on the other people wherever we go. We were supposed to write about an experience in our lives where something like this occurred. Bo-ring I know. I'm halfway done with me report, it's about the time I went to live in Africa for a year and they didn't celebrate any of our holidays but we still invited our neighbors and they were really considerate of our beliefs.
  7. The teacher, Mr. Scott, didn't even bother to take attendance, much less help the new student Kimmy at all. I waved her over and patted the seat next to me, which luckily wasn't taken. She slowly made her way over as if unsure whether or not I was friend material. "I'm Charlie." I told her, all smiles. I wanted to make a good impression. "Kimmy." was all she said as she got out a pencil and piece of paper. I stared at her until she looked up and asked, "What are we doing exactly?" I explained the whole project and how it would be easy since she just moved. Then I asked her all the usual new kid stuff like 'do you like it here?" "what was your old school like" and even "you wanna be friends?" That one stunned her. I could tell she was used to all the other questions by how swiftly she answered, covering up all the bases so I wouldn't be able to ask that many questions. She was stumbling for an answer, but when she finally came up with one it shocked me. "I would live to be your friend, but you're just like all the rest. I'm sorry but I'd rather you just stay away from me."
  8. Wow. Who did this girl think she was? The queen? I was shocked, genuinely shocked. My gaze hardened but I just nodded, holding back all the insults I wanted to let loose. This was so not cool. I couldn't wait to talk to Blair, she's the only one who knows how to calm me down. And I really needed to be calmed down now.
  9. Ok so tell me how you like it so far and I will surely get the next chapter out soon!
  10. Last question ok lolz later

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