& Minutes In SUPER DIRTY Heaven

There are lots of 7 minutes in heaven quizzes, but this one was completely original. Also, please, if ou don't know what "it" is, or do not like dirty things, leave now for your own safety

Here is a GREAT example of real 7 minutes in heaven. Please, do not report, even though I do not think you should. Have fun at my party everyone, enjoy!

Created by: Oceanstar

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Outfit:
  2. You get an invitation in the mail: Dear ________, Come to my summer party! There will be 7 minutes in heaven and more. Response:
  3. Number:
  4. Letter:
  5. Name for you:
  6. Are you dirty?
  7. Choose a meal:
  8. Ok you guys, the next questions I am sorry about but I couldn't think of anything else...
  9. Rate? (Sorry!)
  10. Comment? (Sorry again!)

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