:0 i wanna level up too

well his is like all my other quizzes,pointless you dont have to rate, i dont care about all that, just comment REMBER TO CAMMENT CHILDREN!! ok im crazy

o.0 i need to stay off the internet for a while,atleast anything thats not gotoquiz,i know lots of things i shouldnt know and things a 12 year old shouldnt know.. or do

Created by: scolionophobia

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  1. everybody is leveling up and im only a junior
  2. i wanna level up quicker so if you see a couple of piontless quizzes by me dont spaz out
  3. i promise ill try to give them some meaning
  4. oh! i forgot, i was supposed to be making a new one direction love story
  5. well i got a head ache and for the past few days my family was going through things, i accually want to think hard to make sure this all goes right
  6. so im gonna wait untill sunday for this to come out. sunday or monday
  7. so,i have a favorite color. its one of those colors that looks like a main color something special about it makes it look different so it has a different name, kinda like the color burgandy
  8. oh no no no no its not burgundy its nore of a mix of ocean blue and sky blue the color is
  9. cerulean and its the favorite color of my idol
  10. well you cant know because im not telling and its NOT THE BAND IN MY PREVIOUS QUIZZES IM OVER THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE RACIST!!!

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