96% of this people can't pass this quiz can you

I probably failed but I think you can't pass its just random things so yeah ha (random words) yeah hello sup awesome cool okay hello quiz super hey hey yup

Yeah take my quiz see if you will pass ( more random words). Hello newt save bird up down eleven right left painter Dictionary words words Australia.

Created by: Bonnie Fan

  1. Which emoji
  2. Dot
  3. Numbers
  4. 1+2
  5. Vegetables
  6. 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1-10
  7. -_-
  8. Yes or no
  9. 17
  10. 👌
  11. 123....
  12. Will you pass -_-
  13. Jdhfndjei
  14. I don't think you will pass

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Quiz topic: 96% of this people can't pass this quiz can I