80's Television Quiz

The 80's, a time that brought us good television, and some pure cheese. Stuff wasn't as violent was it is now, and the closest thing to reality TV was the news!

This is a little selection of questions from the 80's TV knowledge stored in my head. See if you can match wits with me. Using Google to research answers is considered cheating, so play nicely!

Created by: Kris

  1. Two TV shows in the 80's focused on helicopters. One show only lasted 11 episodes and when it got cancelled, it most likely helped to boost the ratings of the other show, Airwolf. What was that cancelled show?
  2. Two shows during the 80's featured both Michael Landon and Victor French in the cast. "Little House on the Prairie" was one of them. What was the other?
  3. A family has a robotic daughter in "Small Wonder", and they spend much of the series trying to prevent others from finding out she was a robot. What was her name?
  4. In 1986, Charlotte Rae's character, Mrs. Garrett, left the girls of The Facts of Life and was replaced by her sister, Beverly Ann, played by Cloris Leachman. Why did Mrs. Garrett leave?
  5. Mr. T was B.A Baracus, everyone's favorite tough guy on the A-Team. As tough as he was, there was one thing he was terrified of. What?
  6. Who/what was "The Gooch"?
  7. On the series Knight Rider, there was an "evil twin" version of K.I.T.T., the car. What was the evil version's name?
  8. Who was Gordon Schumway?
  9. On "Night Court" , what was the name of the baliff that was replaced by Roz.
  10. Married with Children was one of Fox's first major hit shows about dysfunctional families. What was Al Bundy's profession?
  11. Mork and Mindy ran from 1978-1982, so it barely gets into the 80's. Who played Mork's son, Mearth?
  12. Here's a good one. We were first introduced to Steve Urkel on "Family Matters", but that show was actually a spin-off from another 80's show. Which one?
  13. What is Mypos?
  14. What was the name of THE car on The Dukes of Hazzard?
  15. In daytime television, one of the most anticipated events ever was the wedding of Luke and Laura. It is also the highest rated hour in soap opera history. Which soap did it happen on?

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