7 sexy minutes in heaven

His is seven minutes in heaven sexy style who will you end up with the hottie the stranger or mr, mystery? Please comment if you dont like it ok so the at my party and.....

You can find out HERE who suits you and who you suit jut a few clicked aways you can see how sexy you can be or will you two nit hit it off? Find out if you will make it if should fake it here!

Created by: You dont néed to know

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pic a number
  2. Music?
  3. Colour?
  4. Item
  5. Animal?
  6. First kiss
  7. Subject?
  8. Type
  9. Hobby ?
  10. Kissing
  11. Did are you weirder out to find out your answer?
  12. Has anyone ever told you your a bad kisser?
  13. Here we go...

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