7 Minutes In Heaven (or Hell.)

Welcome, to 7 Minutes in Heaven (or Hell.)! Today, you will face against 4 opponents! Be careful, the 4th one has a side-kick! Will you leave Clean, Fancy, Dirty, or as a Trio? Find out here, on 7MHH!

Ok, so you wish to be a contestant? Very well then! You shall sit in a seat right over there, *points at chair*, and will be given a number. *Pats number on back* Now, you will have a female announcer that will yell out a number, and if she says your number or some-body else's number, then some-body else's number or yours, then you get to go in the closet! Peace and Good Luck!

Created by: Joker1001
  1. Which one do you want?
  2. Again, which one do you want?
  3. Pick a number.
  4. Alas, pick a number.
  5. In GTQ, what do you usually like to have when you cyber-sex?
  6. Same question as before.
  7. Which name do you like best?
  8. You know the drill.
  9. When sexing, which GTQ user do you think you connect with best?
  10. Double-post!

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