7 minutes in heaven (dirty!)

This is mostly for girls...if your a guy you could take it but well, its made for girls so the answers are all boys at the end. Well i am bored so...next paragragh!

NO ONE READS THESE So random jibberish....ahao;uiomeuiiofjejdjdajojoijekljiodjekljoaiueojkajkvnvijiofhjeojfoijeiojoiejlja;ooiejnojidjkojekellao;owesseaf

Created by: Kunai

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're invited to my party you wear...
  2. I tell you we are playing 7 minutes in Heaven, what do you say.
  3. Pick a Number
  4. Again
  5. Once more! Sorry
  6. Pick a Letter
  7. Again
  8. Once more! Sorry
  9. Did you like the quiz? No effect
  10. Last one...Are you ready to go in the closet?

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