7 mins in Heaven, my style!

Hello, and welcome to one of my very first quizes. I hope you like it. I have done other quizes with other people, like Loony Luna- An Hour In Hell :D. I hope you like this one! (GIRLS ONLY!!!!)

7 mins in heaven, classical game, my style. Right, i warn you now, there is lots of spelling mistakes, And watch out for Harry Potter, he might come while you're in his bedroom! Lol! PASTA!!! :D

Created by: alicenjonesbtt

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  1. Right then, welcome to my quiz. Sorry, it's bound to be rubbish, so please take it, and tell me how i can improve it, ok?
  2. Ok, so me and my buds are having a party, and as you guessed, we're all playing 7 mins in heaven.
  3. You look around the room to find the only other person you know is me. A lot of guys catch your eye. Which do you like the best?
  4. You pick a number. What is it?
  5. You say your number. Who has the same number as you?
  6. Right, so can you answer these questions so i can sum up your score. What is your fav hobbie?
  7. Who do you like to be around?
  8. What's your fav colour?
  9. What type of gues do you go for?
  10. You you readdy to face your orse nightmare?

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