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  • Wow...didn't know it was for guys...

    VAMPxKITTY Oct 31 '12, 8:43PM
  • why didnt u put in the tile for guys only?

    IceBabe May 13 '12, 4:32PM
  • First of all, you need to put in the title that's it's for guys because I'm a girl and so are most of the people that commented on this. Also...Josephine is freaking creepy!!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!

    silverain Mar 11 '12, 11:55AM
  • Samantha... oh my god. That result is all kinds of twisted. I'm going to try and get another result... preferably a guy.

    Firey_Soul Feb 12 '12, 4:01PM
  • Crap this is not for the late teen!

    swiftstone Jan 4 '12, 10:34PM
  • WAT

    hbtjdb Jun 30 '11, 10:03PM
  • Y are ther so many biiig words???

    vampyre666 Nov 14 '10, 10:51PM
  • uhhhh....im a girl y am i kissin a girl?GROSSSSS!

    Tabsta Nov 14 '10, 1:33AM
  • why are there 2 Josephines?

    Muirgen May 2 '09, 9:17PM

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