20 very dirty minutes in awesome heaven

okay this is a very ddirty quiz so im warning you rightr now and im kinda bi so it has to do with that a little and ummm please rate and comment and i dont have an email or a face book

please comments on me making a quiz for you like if you want me to make something you like i can ina quiz

Created by: turtle

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. okay this is for girls only so ur a girl rit
  2. you sure
  3. okay with the real questions
  4. would you have s*x at a sonethin minutes in heaven party
  5. would you play with his dicky doo
  6. how do u like kisses
  7. have you ever kissed a girl(this has no effect i just curios)
  8. how do u like boys
  9. okay im just gonna say bye
  10. well bye and it said very dirty so i warned youa and plz dont report
  11. okay reeally bye

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