1970s - 1991 arcade game quiz

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You will answer these questions if you're a true 70s-91 arcade fan. If you don't then just scroll on, we don't need any hate up inside here. I just want to have fun.

Answer all questions right and you win, but if you get all of them wrong then you'll lose and not be a true 80s kid, and I WILL BE SHAKING MY HEAD FROM BEHIND THE COMPUTER.

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  1. What game do you think has better graphics, from Don Bluth?
  2. Which racing game is better in your opinion?
  3. What Sega game is way greater than the rest?
  4. What game from the 90s you prefer?
  5. What name did Atari change to in 1984?
  6. What multi player game do you think is better?
  7. What was the first video game?
  8. What Williams genre do you like?
  9. What game is rarer in your opinion?
  10. Do you like and miss 1970s - 1991 arcade?

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