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Many questions about Twilight all involve Twilight. Some are hard....but if you are a Twilight fan then you will ace this. Good luck I hope you do good! Thanks for trying out my quiz, hugs for all!

Nice you did good! Thanks for trying this quiz. Keep up the amazing work! I hope that you all enjoyed this. Just remember no matter what the score. You are still a Twilight Fan!

Created by: Bethany Twilight
  1. Who was tracking Bella?
  2. How old are Bella and Edward when Bella turned into a vampire?
  3. Who did Edward feel jealous about at the wedding?
  4. What was Renemsee's nickname?
  5. What is Charlie the Cheif of?
  6. What was Bellas's reaction to Jacob's imprinting of her daughter?
  7. Why was Jane mad when she found out Aro had given Bella a gift?
  8. Which movie did Bella get pregnant in?
  9. How many vampires in the Cullen Clan have gifts?
  10. How many main Vampires die in the battle against the Volturi?
  11. Why was Bellas's eyes red at first when she turned?

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