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Bill Skt said:
Jun 14 '16, 3:02PM

Completely right wing leaning survey. I have both very conservative views and very liberal views but because I answer ONE question liberal you call me a diehard liberal. Typical right wing nazi crap.

Tejs said:
May 20 '16, 10:15PM

Im a liberal

iamwolflover said:
Apr 18 '16, 7:32PM

I am 96 percent, hard core conservative. The only thing that brought me down from 100 was my view on the environment, which is slightly more libral.

Pretty Much said:
Nov 13 '15, 3:53PM

Moderately liberal.

Jasi7 said:
Aug 28 '15, 11:54AM

39% moderately liberal. I'm happy I'm not a hardcore liberal, because then I'd be taking my beliefs waaaay too far

Alan said:
Aug 1 '15, 9:05PM

95% Conservative. I don't doubt that but I also have a independent streak. I voted some third party candidates.

nanuck said:
Feb 9 '15, 3:27PM

This is toward liberalism - read the questions... I am told I am a hard conservative ---

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