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  • Which Type of Landscape Are You?
    [published: Jul 12, 2017, count: 831]
    Imagine for a moment that you are a piece of landscape--a sharp mountain peak, maybe. Or perhaps a sprawling field. Someplace whimsical, or something more…
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    The Disnerd Quiz Challenge
    [published: Nov 27, 2016, count: 2,817, filed under: Disney Movies]
    So, you like Disney movies? That's nice. But are you a Disney MASTER?! Only a few can truly call themselves "Disnerds." They are those who not only know and love…
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    What Disney Movie Should You Watch?
    [published: Sep 24, 2016, count: 9,921, filed under: Disney Movies]
    There are a lot of amazing Disney movies out there, which one should you watch? Pixar movies excluded! Take this quiz to find out which Disney movie…
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    What kind of Arabian horse are you?
    [published: Oct 22, 2015, count: 4,574, filed under: Animals]
    Arabian horses are capable of performing a variety of disciplines. When a rider chooses which discipline is best, it greatly depends on the personality…
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    Which fighting game style suits you?
    [published: Aug 22, 2015, count: 6,348, filed under: Video Games]
    Which fighting game style suits you? Do you rock the rushdown, or strategize with a zoner? Well this quiz will tell you your preferred style. Have fun. …
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    Which Clash of Clans Troop Are You?
    [published: Jul 30, 2014, count: 20,782, filed under: Video Games]
    There are many great troops, who wield powers and weapons powerful enough to defeat entire clans. They are strong, fast, smart, and... most of all, they…
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    Which Formula 1 driver are you?
    [published: Jul 12, 2014, count: 18,099, filed under: Sports]
    Formula 1 has many different personalities, which adds to the excitement and allows fans to relate to different drivers. Some are charismatic, extroverted,…
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    Dog Trivia (How much do you know about dogs?)
    [published: Dec 23, 2013, count: 5,562, filed under: Dogs]
    There are over 400 different type of dog breeds, with only 200 recognized by the Kennel Club. Dogs have been man's best friends... but how much…
  • Which literary heroine are you?
    [published: Nov 21, 2013, count: 13,140, filed under: Literature]
    Cathy Earnshaw or Jane Eyre? Petrova or Posy? Scarlett or Melanie? Lace or Valley of the Dolls? We are all shaped by the books we read growing up -…
  • Preschool Parent Pop Culture Quiz
    [published: Nov 12, 2013, count: 3,988, filed under: Parenting]
    You've probably taken quizzes to test your knowledge about important parenting topics. And you've probably taken quizzes about pop culture. But here's a…
  • How Essex are you?
    [published: Nov 9, 2013, count: 278,000, filed under: United Kingdom]
    How Essex are you! This beautiful county gets so much publicity these days! Lots of characters, from beautiful countryside to the rivers and coastline! …
  • Are You An Introvert, Ambivert, Extrovert, Or Shy?
    [published: Jun 17, 2013, count: 124,674, filed under: Personality]
    Many people confuse introversion with being shy. They aren't the same thing, though many introverts do tend to be shy. An introvert is…
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    Which Raptor Are You?
    [published: May 7, 2012, count: 25,717, filed under: Animals]
    Raptors, also known as birds of prey, are found all across the world. Some soar, some migrate, some are really chatty, and some even dance. Which one are you? A…
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    How much do you love Christmas?
    [published: Dec 6, 2011, count: 183,952, filed under: Holiday]
    Lots of people like Christmas, but do you LOVE it? Is it your favourite time of year, do you like it, or do you hate it? Well, find out with this fantastic…
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    Which Seattle Band Are You?
    [published: Oct 9, 2011, count: 36,311, filed under: Rock and Roll]
    How does your personality equate to a Seattle band? Will you end up as a Pearl Jam, a Soundgarden, a Nirvana, or perhaps a more obscure but just as influential…
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    How Episcopalian Are You?
    [published: Sep 14, 2011, count: 20,003, filed under: Christianity]
    Episcopalians are an interesting and distinctive bunch. They are very committed to tradition, yet may be theologically liberal. Episcopalian churches are very…
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    Which Harry Potter character are you...really?
    [published: Jul 30, 2011, count: 102,576, filed under: Harry Potter]
    Ever wonder which witch or wizard you would be most similar to in the Harry Potter series? Tired of quizes that only allow you to be Ron,…
  • What Kind of Socialist or Communist Are You?
    [published: Jul 21, 2011, count: 103,926, filed under: Political]
    People often misunderstand socialism and communism. There are a large variety of views about these two systems, way more than one quiz can…
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    What kind of scientist are you?
    [published: Apr 23, 2011, count: 41,217, filed under: Science, Jobs & Careers]
    Did you ever think you could be a scientist? Just about everyone has an inner-scientist. You may be surprised how many different routes you can take.…
  • how much of a wwe superstar are you
    [published: Apr 10, 2011, count: 31,022, filed under: Entertainment]
    I made this quiz because I took WWE quiz after WWE quiz,and it did not fit my style or taste! So I decided to make my own. I hope you enjoy it! The quiz…
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    Which Beatle are you most like?
    [published: Mar 20, 2011, count: 4,851, filed under: Rock and Roll]
    There are many Beatles fans, and they often have a favorite Beatle. But you might actually be LIKE one of the Beatles! You could get one you never even…
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    Foodie Quiz: How Much of a Foodie Are You?
    [published: Mar 5, 2011, count: 37,404, filed under: Food & Drink]
    Foodies. Epicures. Gourmets. People who are excited by new tastes and textures. People who seek out interesting, bold new food experiences. …
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    Which "The Office" relationship are you?
    [published: Feb 16, 2011, count: 11,157, filed under: The Office]
    We all love The Office's romances... they can be quirky, emotional, fun, romantic, but either way they're great to watch on the screen. But have you…
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    What Color is Your Mermaid Tail?
    [published: Feb 10, 2011, count: 52,529, filed under: Mermaids]
    Do you believe in magic? Have you ever wanted to be something other than human? Mermaids, half human, half fish, are one of the most amazing mythical…
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    How Well Do You Know Johnny Cash
    [published: Feb 8, 2011, count: 8,544, filed under: Music]
    I was motivated to create this quiz because I am one of the biggest Johnny Cash Fans. I went as far as to get two tattoos that are dedicated to the Man in…

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