What career fits you?

There are many careers available to you...but which career is the right for you? This quiz will reveal to you what career is the best for you. Just take 5 mins of your time and you'll know what you were designed to be.

Are you smart? Lazy? Party girl/boy? Do you like this or that? well, this quiz will reveal to you what career best fits your qualities!!! so what are you waiting for? take this quiz and start working in your career rnow1

Created by: SaraNataly!
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Have you graduated form high school?
Im going to college already.
I may graduate this year.. or next year.
I dropped out to take care of my babies.
I never liked school but they say it's important
4. I like to...
Party all night and have lots of friends.
Read books as a hobbie
Play with my little cousins and take care of them
Relax and watch a movie I don't really like going out.
Talk with my friends and make them laugh
5. How important is having a girl/boyfriend for you?
Not important, my education is my priority.
Veyr important. He/She is the reason I keep going.
I can have as many girlfriends/boyfriends as I want.
Is someone likes me good if not whatever...
I plan to get married soon and start a family.
6. You attract people who are...
Intelligent and educated.
Wild and fun!
Married/Divorced or have children
Liars/bad people or deliquents
funny and interesting and some may be "sluts"
7. In your closet I would find...
High heels, pretty shoes, miniskirts, or sexy clothes
Why would you be looking in my closet?
Regular clothes, jeans, and shirts, nothing sexy.
tennis, shorts, t-shirts, a collection of boxers
None of the above I don't have a closet.
8. Choose a Tv show to watch for a whole day.
The girls next door
Animal planet
Adult shows
9. Do you have children?
1, 2 or three I really don't know which are mine.
One/two beautiful babies!! I love them!
I already said that my career is my priority!!
No, but someday I want a big family.
10. Honestly what is the first thing that you notice in members of the opposite sex?
I admit it!! I watch breasts first !!
I see a beautiful body as a whole not in parts.
Whatever comes around is good for me..I am not picky
I see their faces first and then If I like them I continue with the rest.
I don't check out girls/boys I already have my love.
11. You don't have another choice!! pick one temporary job.
Wal-mart to get discounts for food.
A restaurant, who doesn't like free food?
A bank, I like being in a nice place.
A club to have fun and dance !!
Do I really have to pick one of these...I don't like working!
12. Choose one magazine!
Readers Digest
13. Do you like telling jokes and making people laugh?
I love it.. I have many jokes memorized!
No, I don't care if people laugh or not.
I can tell jokes but I have other interesting things to talk about.
Oh yeah espcially dirty jokes!
Why bother?
14. Choose one place to go during vacations...
to the beach!!!!
Some place where it's calm
to disney with my kids or with my love
to Hollywood!!!
I have vactions all year long! hehe
15. Finally ohw much money do you want to make?
150,000+ a year.
Enough to make my family happy.
As much as I can!
Enough to eat and have a roof
Money is the last thing to worry when you have everything you want.

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