When Will I Die?

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  • Measures 18 signals of health
  • Based on government actuarial tables
  • Taken by over 1 million people
  • Predicts lifespan, year of death
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This test aims to answer the question, "When will I die?" Lifespans have been increasing for many years, thanks to medical advances, better nutrition and a host of other factors. The average man will die in his late 70s, while the average woman will likely die around age 80.

We at GoToQuiz have consulted a variety of sources, including government actuarial tables, to devise questions and a scoring formula to estimate when you will die. This test assumes you live in a developed nation (US, Canada, UK, etc) and do not presently have a life-threatening illness. Just answer each question honestly and we'll compute your estimated life expectancy. If your exact answer isn't an option, pick the closest one.

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1. What is your age?
Enter your age:
2. What is your height?
Enter your height: (60 inches = 5 feet)
3. What is your weight?
Enter your weight:
4. What is your gender?
5. Which best describes your eating habits?
Balanced diet with fruits and veggies, high in fiber and lean protein, low in saturated fat and sugar
Semi-regular fruits and veggies, moderate fiber, possibly red meat, some fatty or sugary meals or snacks
Occassional fruits and veggies, possibly red meat, regular fatty or sugary meals or snacks, some fast food or microwave meals
Little concern for nutrition, sugary or fatty snacks common, fast food, fried food, microwave meals, etc.
6. How much do you smoke?
Two packs or more per day
One pack per day
Less than one pack per day
Don't smoke now, but used to smoke regularly
Never smoked, but live/work near people who smoke
Never smoked, no nearby smokers
7. How many days in a typical week do you drink alcoholic beverages?
Do not drink alcohol
One or two days per week
Three or four days per week
Five or more days per week
7b. How many alcoholic drinks do you have per drinking day, on average?
More than eight drinks in a day, on average
Six to eight drinks in a day
Four to six drinks in a day
Two or three drinks in a day
Usually just one drink
8. How much sleep do you get on average?
Less than six hours
Between six and nine hours
More than nine hours
9. Which of these most closely describes you (or your future, if you are still in school)?
No college degree, low income job
No or some college, low-to-mid paying job
No or some college, solid middle class job
College degree, solid middle class job
High-paying job
10. Which best describes your day-to-day attitude?
Cheerful, relaxed, approachable
Determined, competitive, aggressive
Bored, lethargic, grumpy
Stressed, irritable, panicky
Depends on the day. Some days relaxed, others stressed
11. Which best describes your habits with doctors?
I go for regular check-ups and whenever I feel unwell. I follow treatment plans carefully.
I go sometimes for checkups and usually when I feel unwell. I make an effort to follow treatment plans.
I go sometimes when I feel unwell, and make an effort to follow treatment plans.
I am reluctant to go and I may or may not follow treatment plans carefully.
12. How much exercise and/or physical recreation do you average in a typical day?
60+ minutes, most days
30 to 60 minutes, most days
Around 20 minutes, most days
I get physically active only occassionally, not routinely
I am mostly sedentary and don't exercise
13. Which best describes your dental hygiene?
Brush twice daily, floss daily, go for regular cleanings
Brush and floss daily, go for regular cleanings
Brush daily, sometimes floss, sometimes go for cleanings
Brush daily, don't floss, sometimes go for cleanings
Don't always brush or floss
14. Which best describes your driving habits?
Often speed or drive aggressively, rarely wear a seatbelt
Often speed or drive aggressively, do wear a seatbelt
Rarely (or never) speed or drive aggressively, rarely wear a seatbelt
Rarely (or never) speed or drive aggressively, do wear a seatbelt
Don't drive or ride in cars often, or ever
15. Do you have high blood pressure or cholesterol? Say "no" if you don't know.
No to both.
Yes high blood pressure. No high cholesterol.
No high blood pressure. Yes high cholesterol.
Yes to both.
16. Do you have any chronic ailments? (diabetes, asthma, heart trouble, hormone imbalance, etc)
17. How many of your parents and grandparents died before age 60? (do not include accidental deaths)
Please select:
18. How "healthy" do you feel on the average day? Rate it from One to Ten, with Ten being very healthy.
Please select:

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Is extending your lifespan a goal you are actively pursuing?
What is the ideal age to live to? years
Which country are you currently living in?
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When Will I Die Test is a creation of GoToQuiz, in our professionally-created quiz series. Lifespan prediction, year of death, and other results are intended as entertainment only. We haven't quite figured out how to interface with a crystal ball yet, but we're working on it.

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