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  • Why are we alive?
    "Ah, okay. I was responding to the hopelessness I saw in the Study. I see depression as a spiritual issue and not something only naturalistic..."
  • Why are we alive?
    "I asked these questions for years, and I looked for answers in anything I could find. I lived this world's gospel. It left me empty and brok..."
  • so ig this fits here
    "I'm glad. I'm always here to listen if anyone needs help. Also I hope your thyroid gets better. :3"
  • so ig this fits here
    "Listen, I know I don't know you very well, but please don't kill yourself or harm yourself. You are worth more than you know. I've been thro..."
  • "Same, I actually got my parents to watch it with me (not your typical anime audience lol). I haven't watched much anime for a while, but I'd..."
  • Miqedem
    " This is one of my favorite bands, despite my not knowing much Hebrew. xD Their first "
  • "I loved In This Corner of the World, but it was so sad. x3"
  • Yes I'm christian
    "I've been praying for you. We have authority in the name of Jesus Christ to cast away demons. We are in a spiritual war, but God is stronger..."
  • "So I just wanted to drop a link to a video addressing this. It's not super long."
  • Ana?
    "Yeah, definitely. Can't play around when you're putting money into it lol. Aw, that's tough. It's funny how we all got busy liv"
  • "He turned 5 last April. He's a cute, needy couch potato~"
  • Ana?
    "I think I enjoyed the idea of doing well at school, and it became part of my identity. It felt like a job I guess. Sweet, my em"
  • "I have a toy poodle. He was sitting on lap earlier and literally wouldn't let me move. xD"
  • Ana?
    "I was always a perfectionist with grades too heehee Which is funny since my parents never really pushed me so hard when it came to school...."
  • Ana?
    "Hey zero~ I'm pretty good. It's been a long time since I wrote on here but it's nice to see people I remember lol. How are you?"

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