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  • We always jump on the wealthy - I am not wealthy-live paycheck to paycheck
    Speaking of wealthy you cannot be one sided which is what I am seeing-
    Some of the wealthiest people are singers/actors. Others would be repubs and several democrats . i.e. Nancy Pelosi- has millions what does she do out of pocket to help the poor nothing - she owns a company outside the US and pays them below minimum wage - but she is always on her soapbox however, nothing has improved- John Boehner - has boo coo dollars - what has he done? nothing - Harry Reid, Mcconnell - I mean face it they are all 1% ers

    nanuck Feb 9 '15, 3:25PM
  • You claim I am 86% conservative. However, I am independent and have voted democratic and republican and in some instances for one of each as I see fit. I can lean either way and respect the opinions of both parties if they are practical and make sense. I believe all people want to protect the country they live in. We need to help the poor. However, if you are 30 years old and healthy there's no reason you cannot work and if needed receive assistance to help you get on your feet. There's no greater pride then saying" I did it"

    nanuck Feb 9 '15, 3:13PM
  • 0%, Hardcode liberal. Damn I'm proud of myself!

    The Smart Ass Dec 12 '14, 4:57PM
  • I am moderately conservative, apparently. 51% Equality, right to bare arms and self reliant citizens. Yep. Couldn't care less to be liberal or conservative. Neither means a thing to me. ._.

    Silver122 Nov 10 '14, 11:16PM
  • Moderately conservative.

    How could you be so strongly in either direction? Seriously that's just ignorant!

    I think there should be help to those in dire need (deaf blind handicapped)...But you shouldn't be able to murder your child based on it not being technically aware.
    Neither is a one month old and you don't hear them trying to argue that. Just because it's in your body? You can't justify taking human life with your own human rights....

    I don't care if you marry the same sex, come on now...

    And we declare the right to bare arms. We don't ask.

    Texan Oct 21 '14, 10:28PM
  • "Liberal" the wealthy boast about how they have had success due to their labors. I disagree, their wealth could not be possible without the protection of our military men and women. So that being said if we are dependant on
    Volunteers to keep our military strong then what that implies is that typically the wealthy benefit from the safety given to them by the lower income civilians. Why then do the wealthy think its wrong to help the poor? Free Enterprise works best when the rich give back to the less fortunate that actually paved the way for the American Dream to become a reality. By not giving back destroys the American Dream and replaces it with Aristocracy.

    Stefie Sep 17 '14, 10:37PM
  • It did not take me for surprise..! liberal here and proud of it.

    Rigobarr7 Sep 7 '14, 8:20PM

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