zommmmmmmmbie quiz

ok you guys if your reading this you want to know about my quiz obviously. My quiz is about zombie survival (i know zombies arent real but its a fun topic). Anyway i was bored one day so i decided to put together this quiz.

Take my quiz and figure out if you can survive a zombie outbreak. If you like it you like it if not well i guess you can go make your own quiz haha. Grr i cant think of anything else to say but it has to be 150 words long so im typing this

Created by: ryan
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  1. You are sitting on your couch and the news comes on. there are reports of zombies what do you do?
  2. your best friend is being chased by zombies what do you do?
  3. your holding well at your house but a zombie manages to break through a window what do you do?
  4. if you do choose to relocate where do you go?
  5. you find a gun store and loot it what all would you take considering you could only carry so much
  6. would you rather travel with a large group or small group?
  7. your friend has been bitten what do you do?
  8. while looting a store for food you notice that there is a man watching you he's not a zombie but he looks wierd. what do you do?
  9. whats your build like?
  10. have you ever handled a gun?
  11. have you ever gone hunting?

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