Yugioh Deck Archetype Quiz

tis is a quiz about yugioh deck archetypes from 5ds to arc v, so if you know your'e stuff than this is a quiz for you mate, and maybe if you pas we can duel

and if we duel than you should be ready for any of these archetypes and you should study them more, for our next quiz and/or our next encounter matey.

Created by: Yuya Sakaki

  1. What archetype is based on discarding cards
  2. what archetype is based on the wind
  3. what archetype is based on fiends from a different dimmension
  4. what archetype is based on clowns and the circus
  5. whats the ace card in Yuya's deck
  6. what three atributes are in the D/D/D extra deck
  7. what archetype uses samurai monsters (hint: with union monsters)
  8. what cards are required to summon Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion
  9. what's D/D/D King D.ARCs gender
  10. what archetype is based off star wars
  11. what archetype is similar to the D/D/D archetype
  12. Which archetype is my deck type

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