Your Warroir name, Kits, Mate, rank Quiz!

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Wondered about your Clan cat name? Or mate? or kits? Or Clan? OR pelt? Or rank? Or All?!! This is the site for you! 10 simple Questions! 7 possible results!

I have to be honest, this is my first quiz! Hope you enjoy! This book is based on a book of "Warroirs" BY Erin hunter! I'm a huge fan, so I created a quiz!

Created by: Ivette

  1. Tom or She?
  2. Would you break the code for love? If you were a med and you loved a cat.
  3. What color for your pelt?
  4. Which Rank?
  5. What Clan?
  6. Which name sounds better (NOne name are which cat u are)
  7. WHich name for your kit?
  8. Did you like this Quiz (Be honest)
  9. ALmost done! Whats special abbility? (in rp)
  10. Your done! Last Q~ If you had to choose would you be a Loner or Kittypet?

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Quiz topic: My Warroir name, Kits, Mate, rank Quiz!