What is your Clan Rank?

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Welcome to the quiz! I am here to give you a quiz to see what WARRIORS rank you are! There are 9 ranks for clan cats 1 one rank for prisoner. So when your ready, you can take the quiz.

Be careful on the things you pick. It may make you have a rank you hate or you dont want. Take it slow and read what you have to work with for the quiz. Enjoy!

Created by: SugaXJimin(Drake)

  1. Lets say you are stuck in a forest fire. Would you save Your mate or your kits?
  2. You get attacked by a bunch of rogues. Would you help the medicine cat heal cats or help fight?
  3. A flood hits your clan. Would you try to save people or run away.
  4. You see a blood clan cat on the patrols. Nobody knows. You tell them them that there is a blood clan cat there or you ignore it.
  5. The leader picks a evil cat that you know is evil for deputy. Tell the leader or Ignore it.
  6. You hate your leader. They are rude to you, they hiss at you when you do something wrong and they hurt you when you do something "The wrong way!" Stand up for yourself and tell everyone what is going on or Ignore it and be scared of your leader until they die, witch will be a while because they have lives.
  7. You catch nothing on a hunting patrol and the leader gets mad at you. "We wont be able to feed the clan if we dont have any prey!" The leader said. Yell at them. Ignore them. Say your sorry.
  8. You talk to a kittypet when you aren't suppose to. The leader comes in and sees you talking to the kittypet. Lie: "I was telling them to get off the territory!" OR Truth. "I am sorry for talking to the kittypet and it will not happen again."
  9. Your on a hunt for prey until a blood clan cat comes along and attacks you. Fight back, Give up on life OR run back to camp
  10. You get picked a deputy. Be unfair and say stuff in there face like, "HA! NONE OF YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE DEPUTY." OR be a good Deputy and bow your head: "Thank you, ____ Star."

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