Warrior cats do you know ranks of cats

This quiz is about which ranks cats are in on particular books in just 15 questions you find out which rank you would probably be in in the clans!!!!!

There are Questions like ( in Midnight which rank is Bramblestar in?" And there is advice for what you should do at the end of the questions. Hope you like this!

Created by: Jayjay
  1. What rank is Tallpoppy in Twilight? (Even though it says Tallpoppy they could still be an apprentice or kit I just put her warrior name that goes for all questions)
  2. Want rank is Bramblestar in Midnight?
  3. What rank is graystripe in the sight?
  4. What rank is Squirrelflight in Dawn?
  5. What rank is Talltail in Moonrise?
  6. What rank is Webfoot in The sight?
  7. What Rank is Littlecloud in Midnight?
  8. What rank is Crowfeather in Sign of the moon?
  9. What rank is Talltail in Into the wild?
  10. What rank is leafpool at The end of twilight?
  11. What rank is Firestar at the beginning of into the wild?
  12. What rank is Stormfur in Starlight?
  13. What rank is Briarlight in Eclipse?
  14. What rank is Poppyfrost in Fading echoes?
  15. What rank is Tigerclaw in A dangerous path?

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Quiz topic: Warrior cats do I know ranks of cats