Your Warrior Cat Life Pt 1

This is a test on who your best friend is Gingerkit or Dapplekit? The pretty, playful she-cat or the handsome, strong tom? Who is the best friend? All one test.

This is a part one part two part three and so on... thing. Who will your mentor be, find out at the end of this quiz where you go from kit to apprentice.

Created by: Noname
  1. You're a one moon old kit your name is?
  2. You're playing with other kits when your mother leaves the nursery due to an unfamiliar voice saying: "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, come."
  3. Your best friends come up to you. "Follow me!" Gingerkit says. "No, follow me!" Dapple kit argues. Who do you follow?
  4. (If you didn't follow Gingerkit click SKIP) "Come on, let's climb it!" He says. "Ok!" You say. You follow him up the tree onto a thin branch he slips and loses his footing holding on by one paw, you?
  5. (If you didn't follow Dapplekit pick SKIP) "There are so many weird smells," She says, you sniff the air and agree. "I wonder if we'll find a MoonClan patrol?" You say. Suddenly a kit your size jumps out of the bushes. "What are you doing on MoonClan territory?"
  6. (Whether you caught Gingerkit or not) Suddenly you slip and fall on the branch and Gingerkit falls with you. A pile of moss and leaves ease the landing, but Gingerkit is yowling in pain and a fresh, jagged scar is on your leg, you?
  7. (Whether you stand your ground or not) You turn around and run getting back to the clan. Your mother runs up to you. "Where have you been?"
  8. (Gingerkit) You get back to the clan and your mother sees you and Gingerkit hurt. "You didn't go climbing any trees now did you?"
  9. (Dapplekit) When your mother figured out what happened you are grounded from leaving the nursery Dapplekit and Gingerkit are both here with you, who do you play with?
  10. (Gingerkit) Your mother figures out and is disappointed but sends you to the medicine cat for healing knowing that you'll be there for a while you figure this is how your mom grounds you, are you mad at Gingerkit?
  11. (A few moons later) You are six moons and are so happy you're going to become an apprentice, tonight! You hope that you can train with a friend for the first few days. Who?
  12. CLIFFHANGER.) Sunstar jumps onto her rock. "Gingerkit, Dapplekit (Thistle or Moon kit) You are now apprentices, Gingerpaw your mentor is Softtail, Dapplepaw your mentor is Stormeye, and (Thistle or Moon paw) your mentor is Bluebell." You think about your mentor then you realize Bluebell is Deputy!
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Quiz topic: My Warrior Cat Life Pt 1