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Your foody habits reveal alot about your personality. Dont believe me ? Better check it your self with this experiment quiz of mine. It was created for fun so no hates...

Are you more sweet or salty. Know about yourself with this silly and funny quiz by crystal clear. Help me make it to top 40 plz and i will return the favour.

Created by: Crystal Clear
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  1. Me: lets go to the movies. You: ok. Me: here's a long line. So i'll go and get the tickets. You go in the food line and grab a snack. Grab any one and dont go for both popcorn and candy. Me( at the hall): so what did you buy popcorn or candy?
  2. Me: the movie was good. You: yup. It was long rhough. I am hungry again. Lets go for snacks. Me:Sure. I dont have much money. So um potato chips or cookie?
  3. Me: so we can be friends right?
  4. Me: here's your order pal. I also brought tea? You:thanks Me: how would you like it.
  5. Me: so you go to school/work you:yup me:do you know when some guys/girls call me sweet or cute i hate it. It sounds so kiddo like. You:
  6. Me: lost track of time. Its too late. Why dont you stay at my house tonight and leave tomorrow? You:ok. Me: so i have ordered chinese. What will you eat?
  7. Me: they have asked for a choice of salad. Which one?
  8. Me: sweet dish time. Which pie?
  9. Me: sweet dish time. Which pie?
  10. Next day morning. Me: what for breakfast?
  11. Me: also got sandwiches.
  12. Me: also have a hot dog with me please.
  13. Me: bye loved your company will catch up again sometime. Well your foody habits reveal alot about your personality you: how? Me: watch your results here you go.

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