Your Rank Within The Sith Order

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This quiz is meant to reveal to you your rank in the Order of the Sith. You will be asked questions that are meant to show your opinion along with questions to test your knowledge of the Sith.

You through this quiz shall see how powerful you can be and whether you are strong or not. I wish you good luck on this and hope you become strong at the end of this?

Created by: WildCat1368
  1. You have been sneak attacked by a Jedi, what do you do?
  2. You are dueling two Jedi and you kill one of them and the other lets their emotions get the better of them, what do you do?
  3. Which of these are you better at?
  4. If you ruled a Sith Empire, which of these would you want as your right hand man?
  5. What lightsaber color sounds the best to you?
  6. What type of Sith Weapon sounds the best?
  7. Who was known as the Lord of Hatred?
  8. What type of Jedi was Sorzus Syn?
  9. How many other Dark Jedi were there besides Ajunta Pall?
  10. Which of these abilities would you choose?

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Quiz topic: My Rank Within The Sith Order