Your personality, by Lola Gaskill(girls only)

Hey, there my last quiz was strange, got terrible reviews , but trust me (again please!) That this will be great! Check out 2011dvan puuuuppuu owned by my bff Madison!

Please rate my quiz to see if I can do even better on my next one! This quiz is crazy, but SO FUN! And my other bff, Ariadna made a quiz on here to so check it out!

Created by: Lola gaskill

  1. What do u do when it comes to crows?
  2. when someone who u don't know comes to u, what do u do?
  3. IF u had a pet, what would it be?
  4. what is your favorite color
  5. gvvbcv cv
  6. will u rate my quiz?
  7. do u like this quiz
  8. meow...
  9. this quiz will be almost over... happy?
  10. what would be your dream name?

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Quiz topic: My personality, by Lola Gaskill(girls only)