Your Percy Jackson Cabin

Hi! I'm Percy lover! This is my first quiz, and I hope you like it! It is about what cabin is yours! I'm not the best at thinking of questions, so this is not going to be my best one.

Now that I know what it wants me to put, I know I'll have better quiz's. Good luck, and commet if you liked this, my first, quiz. I hope you do, and Good luck again!

Created by: PERCY LOVER

  1. What do you enjoy doing?
  2. What is you Fav color?(Pls don't hate me)
  3. Who do you hope is your parent?
  4. How are you liking the quiz so far? (Will not affect your score)
  5. Would you want a goddess or a god?
  6. FAN FICTION QUESTION! What color food does Percy love?
  7. What is your lucky #?
  8. I have to do 10 quetions. Is this rule dumb?
  9. Who would you want as a friend at Camp Half-Blood?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (It's my first one!) WILL NOT AFFECT

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Quiz topic: My Percy Jackson Cabin