your own warrior cats life

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hhheeeyyy ggguuuyyysss!!! so, i have made a lot of warriors quizzes, and i have come back for more! i am fogwillow, and i hope you like my quiz. read the next paragraph!

so, this quiz is about your warriors life. i have created these characters myself and the OC i personally made for myself. that OC is pebblebrook, so if you get her, you are somewhat like me!!

Created by: fogwillow

  1. boy or girl?
  2. Warriors clan/Hogwarts house
  3. which word describes you?
  4. do you like unicorns? (whether they exist or not)
  5. which made up warriors series name do you like best?
  6. hobbies?
  7. fav. prey?
  8. fav. color?
  9. fav. medicine cat?
  10. bye1 comment and/or rate?

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Quiz topic: My own warrior cats life