Your Hogwarts Life (Long results) GIRLS ONLY

This quiz will be about your life at Hogwarts, house, friends, enemies, and much more. I hope you have lots of fun. BTW there are some posts longer than the others.

Welcome to Hogwarts _______ lets see how would be your life in here. Will you be loved or hated? Will you have a boyfriend or not? What is your personality?

Created by: IDK LOL
  1. Hi This is my first quiz hope you like it :D... Lets get started
  2. So what house do you hope your in
  3. What are your grades?
  4. If Harry dragged you to a closet and started kissing you, what would you do
  5. Now what would you do if instead of Harry was Malfoy
  6. Do you think Neville is a Nice person
  7. What do you like to do
  8. If they asked you to the yule ball to who would you say yes
  9. He is taken :C so now with who wold you go. (YOU CANT PUT THE SAME PERSON THAT YOU PUTTED ON THE LAST QUESTION)
  10. What would you like as a patronus
  11. It is sunday what will you wear
  12. Favourite teacher
  13. What do you prefere light warm colors, or dark cold colors
  14. If someone was picking on you what would be your reaction
  15. What are some characteristics of your personality
  16. What are some other physic qualities you have
  17. Who is your crush
  18. Why you like him
  19. Are you parseltounge?
  20. Do you like baddie aesthetic?
  21. Who would be you best friend?
  22. Who would be your best guy friend
  23. Last but not least what is your blood status

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Quiz topic: My Hogwarts Life (Long results) GIRLS ONLY