Your Hogwarts House

Take this short quiz to find out your hogwarts house it only has 11 questions and 10 are actual questions the last one is more for fun! and make sure to answer ALL of the questions honestly for the best results.

I hope you take this quiz and get realistic results (if you already know your house) and if you don't... i hope you find your house! and again i stress so much that you answer the questions honestly because all of the houses are amazing! they are all just different.

Created by: prettypqtter

  1. Which of these colours are your favorites
  2. RP TIME!
  3. you see a 5th year hexing a 1st year you...
  4. you get asked out to prom by a few guys or girls who do you say yes to?
  5. you get your wand what is it's core?
  6. what is your favorite class?
  7. what is your least favorite class
  8. if you were on the quidditch team what would you play as?
  9. would you be on the quidditch team?
  10. who would you date
  11. ok are you ready for your results? (this does not affect your results)

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