Your harry potter life and what the characters think of you

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this quiz will tell you what your life would be like in the harry potter universe your name your boyfriend (this is girls only btw) your bffs who hates you your pet your house!

this quiz also tells you what everyone thinks about u like ginny draco luna Hermione ron and harry potter himself hope you enjoy also please like have fun!

Created by: Lauren

  1. what house are you in
  2. Who is your fav harry potter character
  3. PLZZ DONT KILL MEH...whats your fave coulor
  4. whos the hottest harry potter character
  5. RP: your walking down the halls of Hogwarts and all of a sudden you get pulled into a closet and someone starts snogging u when he finishes he takes u out of the closet its HARRY how do u react
  6. who is your bff
  7. who do u hate
  8. what name do u like
  9. what pet name do u like
  10. last question what middle name do u like

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Quiz topic: My harry potter life and what the characters think of you