You will be a literal genius or mind reader if you get 100%

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Have you ever wondered if you were a genius? Well, this quiz will not tell you. Yep. That was not a typo. It will NOT. Because you'll just have to guess and not use your brain.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the idiot's house. Knock-knock (Who's there?) The chicken (The chicken knocked on the door of the idiot's house and you answered. You are not a genius. No need to take the quiz.)

Created by: Adora

  1. Wow, can you guess this one?
  2. Or this one?
  3. Or:
  4. Or:
  5. Or:
  6. What about:
  7. Ok, my favorite food is:
  8. So, none of the foods are my fave.
  9. And, last one!
  10. And, just kidding! There ARE supposed to be ten questions.
  11. Last question. Did you read the introductory paragraphs? There is a joke or two in them.

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