You Think You Know About Dogs

Everyone who likes dogs think they know about dogs but to be honest with you even I don't know much about compared to what people think they know about them.

If you think you know about dogs and you got a high score in this quiz I have n doubt you really do know about dogs and really care about them and for them.

Created by: Polly

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  1. What is the most common breed of dog?
  2. Which dog breeds were used as guard dogs?
  3. One human year is how many dog years.
  4. Where did the breed Weimarana originate?
  5. How long did the oldest dog live for?
  6. Why did people chop dog's tails off?
  7. What do you think is the cutest dog?
  8. How did dogs become pets?
  9. What is the most commonly used dog food?
  10. Are dogs more common than cats?

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