you shalt get a new nickname

um ya you could like get a cool nickname or something or yeah like um like yeah gosh i hate the must be atleast 50 characters don't you wow yeah like yeah

okay again just take the quiz now um yeah so i like hoboes yeah yeah yeah kangaroo turbo whale i am cuddling with my wiener dog daisy like yeah um no yeah

Created by: emilyisrico
  1. are you good at drawing
  2. on a scale of one to ten how hot are you
  3. what is a weird thing that you have said before
  4. what color are your eyes
  5. are you in love
  6. when all yall are lookin for someone do yall care about the inside or the outside
  7. whats your favorite show
  8. what sport you like best
  9. have you ever played an insturment if so what
  10. commet and rate thanx
  11. oh yeah and how tall are you for your age

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