You like admins?

This quiz tests how you relate to admins. This quiz shows do you wanna be admin or you like admins. Please don't take too serious, it's just a quiz. I meaned this mostly to Enemy Territory or other FPS games players but others can of course do this too. :)

Do you really like admins? Or do you wanna be admin? Solve these questions in this quiz! In this quiz there are several descriptions to many kinds adminattitudes.

Created by: jelpk

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like admins?
  2. Are you jealous to admins?
  3. Are you admin?
  4. Are you kind to admins?
  5. Are admins kind to you?
  6. Are you never tried to cheat adminlevels to yourself(example stealing admin name...)
  7. Are you never been banned by admin?
  8. Do you think that you are good admin?
  9. Reason why you should be admin
  10. If you get change to ban all admins permanently, do you ban them
  11. Do you wanna be admin?
  12. If you become admin, do you make your friends admins too?
  13. How good was this test?
  14. If you do something illegal, you...

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