You know everything about Minecraft!?

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There are peeps that say I know EVERYTHING about Minecraft! But, they don't. I hate liers. But, now, you won't be lieing! Take the quiz! Have fun! Tell others!

Do you really know everything!? If you take this quiz you might. So... Thank you so much for taking these. Quizzes. Have fun! Tell others! Post comments!

Created by: TheMangle

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  1. Fist, this sounds silly, do your family play Minecraft? (Mom,Dad,Siblings? Mine do)
  2. First, what do you need for a Nether Portol?
  3. Can you mine Bedrock?
  4. True or False?" Lava can't hurt you."
  5. What is a Mineshaft?
  6. Who is Notch?
  7. What was the first name of Minecraft?
  8. Do you like this? (Does not effect answers)
  9. Is there horses in Minecraft?
  10. Bye

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