You can get my other account in 5 minutes!

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i'm giving you my other account cause i don't want it any more and it's yours i like this one better cause of the name and my recent posts in it, so yay for you!

i like making quizzes but i hate this bit so 3urneaerhbrfzybnhgfcvbnju76543212345678ijnbvfr43wdfghjoiuyfdcvbnjkl;'[poiuyyyyyyyyttttttttgbnmjuy654erfgbhyt!

Created by: HeatherFlass
  1. What's my real name?
  2. Who's my cousin?
  3. What am I doing right now?
  4. Do I wear a bra?
  5. Guess my other account:
  6. peep!
  7. boo!
  8. i like tea.
  9. you like coffee.
  10. bye bye

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