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There Are Many People Who Say They Are A Lil Chris Fan! This Is A Test To See If They Really Are TRUE Lil Chris Fan! The Results May Shock You =]Take The Quiz To Find Out!!!

Take This Quiz To See If You Are A True Lil Chris Fan! In Just A Few Minutes You Will See Your Results And Then You Will Know If You Are A True Fan Or NOT! =]

Created by: Lauren Gutberlet of Myspace
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  1. What is Chris's full name?
  2. How old is Chris?
  3. What was Chris's first single called?
  4. Where is Chris from?
  5. In the video for Checkin it out, what was the thing pulling Chris around?
  6. How Tall is lil Chris?
  7. What siblings does Chris have?
  8. How did Chris come to fame?
  9. What is lil Chris's myspace?
  10. Who is lil Chris doing and up close and personal tour with this year?(2007)

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