Write a letter to Darkstalker! (Wings Of Fire)

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I decided to make a quiz by writing a letter to Darkstalker after my friend made one and I wrote a letter to bumblebee on another quiz! I hope you enjoy taking this and thank you for viewing this!

I hope to make more quizzes like this in the future! I can hopefully do Clearsight and maybe even Indigo and Fathom! I hope you tell your friends about this and Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: That is private info
  1. How would you start the letter?
  2. What would be the main focus of the letter?
  3. What would you comment on?
  4. What would your attachment be?
  5. How would you close the letter?
  6. What is your basic opinion on Darkstalker?
  7. Would you like to have the power of Darkstalker's scroll?
  8. If you had animus magic, how often would you use it?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
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