Would You Survive Running Away?

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are you ready do run away? eh? i am. so u are!! practice whit dis quiz, then try(whitout running away for real) if u fail, take this quiz again and practice running away!! U GOT IT HUN!!

ok.dont run away or kill someone just bcs dis quiz, this is just for fun XD. i hope u havent killed anyone yet...FBI OPEN UP!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMBA comment whatchu got pls.

Created by: LiaTheBear

  1. age?
  2. why are u running away
  3. stuff
  4. ok, ur now running away, where do u go?
  5. do u have money?
  6. (if u picked yes) how much?
  7. hmmm...someone is following you..sus right? what will u do?
  8. they are putting search posters whit ur phote on it. oh no! the police is searching for you! what will u do?
  9. oh no! someone found u! what will u do?
  10. you are now in a safe place, what will u do now?
  11. (pretend u live in the UK)u now have the train ticket to travel to ur safe place. good eh? where will u travel?
  12. are you ready to run away?(no effcet)
  13. bye!good luck!

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