Would you survive a robot invasion?

Set in year 2345, the world is in great danger. A powerful army of machines have taken over half of the planet, and the human race is in great peril...(where have I heard this befor?)

It is up to you to take up the role of a super soldier that saves the human race! Or just a regular ol' soldier who only wants to save there own hide! With 4 diffrent endings, it's worth taking a look at!

Created by: Exclane
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  1. Your sleeping rather peacefully when a large, bleeding man wakes you up screaming. What do you do?
  2. The man tells you that the robot army has broken through the walls and into the underground base! What do you do?
  3. The man, ignoring his wounds, tells you to go to the front line to defend the last wall with the rest of the soldiers. He says he'll follow you.
  4. No matter what you picked, he follows you. You stop at the armory, what do you take for your primary weapon?
  5. Still in the armory, what do you take as your sidearm?
  6. Still in the armory, what do you take as your melee weapon?
  7. After you take evrything you need, you head to the storage room, full of food, blankets, ect. But it also holds a bit more useful items, what do your take?
  8. You then head to the front lines, there's about 200 robots out there. These are the "weak" ones used to weaken us then have the big guys wipe us out.
  9. Somehow, you and the rest did it. The next waves coming, theres about 50 huge robots. There coming pretty fast...
  10. There gone, for now. They will be back, but it takes them 6 hours to make more. What do you in that time?
  11. After about 4 hours is up, a team of 70 people are planning on destroying the machine factory for good. They have asked you how they should do it. Your answer?
  12. They are going in one hour, what do you do in that hour?
  13. The final battle, you have been chosen to rush the front of the factory with the rest. What do you plan to do?
  14. What ever you did, it worked! They didn't notice the bombers cuz' you were attacking the front! However, many lifes were lost...was yours also? Find out in your results.
  15. Last one, and it doesn't change your score. If this was a movie/video game, what would the sequel be about?

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