Would you Survive a Alein Invasion?

Your are really bored inside watching your TV, playing with your radio, computer, I-pod, Wii, everything! So, all you want is a chance to see the outside world! So, you just go outside, and see a UFO. UFO?!? Oh ----! What you going to-do-. Oh GOSH!!! They just distroyed your house! With your Wii in it! AHHHHH!

Now, don't take this serious! I mean you MIGHT, because there ARE Aliens on Mars, but there Microscopic though. But who know, they might grow in height. Would you survive there attack or not? Find out by this quiz! It's now or never! Cause, they might attack tomarrow! I'm just kidding, but there ARE real Aliens on Mars, Maybe somewhere else too!

Created by: Mary
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  1. You sit there, staring up at the clouds, when you see a UFO. You...
  2. You see the aliens, & they distroy everything. Even your house, with your I-pod, and computer, & your Wii. You..
  3. You start an army. How many people?
  4. What is the main weopon of the army?
  5. What is the main weopon of the army?
  6. What is the main weopon of the army?
  7. Do you got any plans?
  8. Your on a patrol to search for a baby Alien. You find one, but it has it's mother & father. What you do?
  9. You find an old alein, what do you do?
  10. You reach the leader Alien's hide-out. There are guards everywhere. What you do?
  11. You fight off all the guards. You, are the only surviver. Now what?
  12. You press on, you find the leader, he defeats you, your a prisoner. only two choices now. Choose WISLEY.

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