would you servive in the year 1536?

hay ever wonder if you could souvive in the past like say 1536 wow that was a weird year that was the year former queen and wife to king henry the eighth Anne Boleyn had her head cut off by her husbend. well this quizze will tell you how well you could survive in her time.

well your about to find out in this easy quicke fun and interesting quizze so have fun good luck and have a nice day! i hope you enjoy this quizz and are saticfied with your resolts. once again have a good day! see you

Created by: meiglan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. can you live without tv?
  2. are you a religius person
  3. how do you respond to critizisum
  4. are you a good liar
  5. how do you do with authoraty
  6. do you like witchcaft
  7. do you get sick a lot
  8. how well do you do in history
  9. how well do you handle not knowing whats going to happen
  10. can you live without video games

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