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Why do we make these paragraphs? If you don't get why either, comment and let me know if you think the same! sooo pleas oh please comment and yeah next paragraph!

So plz on this quiz i want to get up to 10-15 comments so please comment and the first 10 requests for other quiz ideas will be made! Soooo comment!!!

Created by: ACB

  1. Would you rather fall off a cliff OR be attacked by sharks?
  2. Would you rather eat a scorpion OR be on fear factor?
  3. Would you rather get a F OR three C's?
  4. Would you rather be extremly ugly or extremly fat?
  5. Would you rather be English (british) OR western?
  6. Whould you rather have a lucky braclet or a lucky necklace?
  7. Would you rather eat a moldy pickle OR a 30 year old grape?
  8. Would you rather be pretty OR athletic?
  9. Would you rather try to hold your breath for 1 hour OR stay in a box with sick people for amonth?
  10. Would you rather like this quiz OR not?

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