Would you rather? 2

This is a WYR (Would you rather) quiz. Some of the questions are things that would be bad, and some are good. Can you solve these tough probelems?????

Here are some warm-up questions! 1. Would you rather have a foot the size of a toaster oven, or an eyeball as small as a pinhead? 2. Would you rather slide down a giant razor blade or burn your tongue to ashes?

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. Would you rather... Be surrounded by mosquitoes in Africa Be surrounded by alligators in Florida
  2. Would you rather... Be in an airplane crash Or Be hit by a car and go to the hospital
  3. Would you rather... Be kissed by the most nerdy kid Or Accidentally break your friend's leg
  4. Would you rather... Be Puked on by a sick dude at a party Or Walk into the wrong bathroom and have people laugh
  5. Would you rather... Jump off a two story building Or Jump off a 50 foot cliff into the ocean
  6. Would you rather... Have your phone/iPod smashed Or Have your friend arrested
  7. Would you rather... Get a tick latched onto you Or Have a bee sting you
  8. Would you rather... Find 20 stink bugs in your room Or Go swimming in a hot tub two kids peed in
  9. Would you rather... Get your hair cut off by your sibling when you're asleep Or Get shot by a paintball
  10. Would you rather... Wear a bra to school (if you're a guy) Forget to wear a bra to school (if you're a girl) Or Have all your electronics taken for a week
  11. Would you rather... Earn 100 dollars for doing 6 chores a day for 4 months and then loose the 100 bill at a store. Or Get kicked full force in the butt by a horse
  12. Would you rather... Have your roof blown off Or Have your windows smashed in
  13. Would you rather... Get a hamster and have it die in 2 weeks Or Get a new T.V. and have it broken in 2 days
  14. Would you rather... Buy a new pet fish Or Buy a new pet frog
  15. Would you rather... Name the pet Darty Or Name it Sparkles

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