would you fit as my best friend?

This is just a quiz out of boredom and no, I didn't use correct grammar or make sure the quiz was "perfect" like I do with my other quizzes. Gee, sorry for taking a break.

Could you be my best friend? Yada, yada, yada. Listen, I spend at least 30 min. to an hour to make a quiz perfect, and this time I decided to take it easy and do a quiz quick. So this quiz isn't exactly perfect. SORRY.

Created by: tomboykaitie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. cussing
  2. what would you do on a saturday morning?
  3. shopping
  4. school
  5. i made this quiz because i was bored. i'm not using correct grammar because i don't want to. is that ok because on all my other quizzes, i'm always making sure that i make them perfect...
  6. what's your fave food out of these choices?
  7. describe yourself
  8. what's your idea of popularity?
  9. what's your fave clothing style?
  10. are you willing to disscuss big topics? (sex, marraige, when you get older, dying, jobs, arguments, drama, fighting, ect.)
  11. describe yourself again
  12. you don't have to rate or anything, just please comment

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