Would you ever find me?

Hi! I’m Chandra. Flare, top student, and DEFINITELY NOT Shadow Magic. Y’know, we could be friends if you want to. Come meet me after magic class. It’ll be fun..

Good. You showed up. Now let me tell you.. are you afraid of shadows? Because I’m not. I live in them. And now they want to see if they can live in you.. I lied. I am a shadow..

Created by: Chandra Shadows

  1. First things first. Ok. Are you Reina Carvajal?
  2. Are you a Flare?
  3. What? Me? No. Bruh. I know more than anyone that Shadow Magic is scary, why would I ever associate with it?
  4. That’s ridiculous. Anyway, why would you ever need to... well call the creepy shadow thing?
  5. What if I told you that the creepy shadow heard you say that?
  6. Oh, enough with that. There is no need to resort to.. that. Reina resorted to that.
  7. Yeah, whatever. But what if..
  8. ..I told you..
  9. ..that I was..

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